This game was created as a midterm project for the Intermediate Game Design course at NYU, summer 2017.

Autism has a way of making even everyday tasks difficult. Social interaction becomes a juggling act, and you find yourself running through a checklist. Am I making enough eye contact? Am I making TOO MUCH eye contact? Am I fidgeting too much? Am I talking about the right things? Am I staying on topic? Am I letting the other person talk? How's my eye contact? Wait, what did they just say?

My experience as a person on the Autism Spectrum is something I have addressed in games before, but it remains a plentiful source of inspiration. I was recently describing my struggles in making and maintaining conversation, and it clicked in my head just how difficult the experience sounded. My goal in creating Conversations on the Spectrum was to illustrate for the player this difficult experience.

This was an interesting game for me to make. I haven't ever designed a full web game before - everything up to now has been downloadable. Creating a dialogue system was an interesting challenge, and I believe (given the limited time I had) that I modestly succeeded. There's still a lot I would like to do to this game. Increase the complexity of the dialogue system, really force the player to be a more active participant in the conversation, maybe change up the art design a bit...but that will have to come in the next iteration.


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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License